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OpinionFalsifications10 апреля 2019, 12:25
David Kankiya
Election expert, Krasnodar region

The actual voter turnout in Kabardino-Balkaria for the presidential elections of March 2018 amounted to about 35% and not 92% as was declared officially. This conclusion was drawn by the video observers who counted the number of voters at 84 out of 354 polling stations. At none of the precinct election commissions that were studied by the volunteer observers, did the results conform to the data of the final protocols. On average, 939 votes were falsely recorded at each of the ballot stations. 

How it all began

The data from Kabardino-Balkaria sparked particular interest after the video observers were able to detect false reporting of over 100,000 votes at 244 polling stations in five regions. Those were the places where the biggest discrepancies between the official results and the counts done by the volunteers were discovered. 

The all-seeing eye of the video observers decided to take an even closer look at the video recordings from the small North Caucasus republic in order to dispel all doubts. 

The total voter turnout in Kabardino-Balkaria was 91.8% or 484,560 people — the third highest result after the Republic of Tyva and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region. Vladimir Putin received 93.3% or 452,480 votes. The total number of voters in the republic is 528,431 people. 

The video observers studied recordings from 84 out of 354 precinct election commissions or 24% of all ballot stations. The electoral registers for these ballot stations listed 138,173 people or 26% of the republic’s voters. According to the official information, the election was attended by 126,375 people, putting the official voter turnout at 91.5%, which is comparable with the overall results. 

What the statistics in Kabardino-Balkaria show

The diagram below shows how the system of Kabardino-Balkaria’s election commissions completely rigged the vote for the President. 

  • Red dots — official voter turnout at the studied ballot stations.
  • Green dots — the results of voter count with help of video recordings.
  • Grey dots — ballot stations that are yet to be studied.

One can see two parallel realities: the «red corridor» painted by the election commissions and the «green corridor» of the actual voting of the republic’s residents.

According to the video observers’ counts, 44,194 people voted at the aforementioned ballot stations: this means that the members of the election commissions either falsely reported or stuffed 78,889 ballots. It follows that the actual voter turnout is 34.6% and not 91.5% as the official data claims. This means that on average, 939 votes were falsely reported at each ballot station

If the actual voter turnout in the republic is 34.6%, this means that only 182,000 people came to the ballot stations, and the additional 302,000 votes ascribed to the winning candidate are false. Turns out that 2/3 of the people who supposedly voted for Putin did not actually do it. 

Supposing that the remaining one third of Putin’s votes is real, although that too seems doubtful, this means that he received the votes of approximately 150,000 people or 28% of voters. This means that 72% of Kabardino-Balkaria’s population did not vote for Vladimir Putin at the presidential elections. Although official data claims 85% support. 

The count of voter turnout using video recordings confirms the conclusions of Sergei Shpilkin who detects voter fraud using the methods of mathematical analysis. According to his calculations, approximately 360,000 votes in Kabardino-Balkaria are «abnormal,» and taking into consideration the possible vote rigging in the course of at-home voting, this is in line with the video observers’ conclusions. 

Many of Kabardino-Balkaria’s election commissions didn’t even count the ballots, simply writing the necessary numbers into the protocols. The champion in this regard was the precinct election commission № 2 where 2,090 votes were falsely reported and the voter turnout of 19% became 94%. 

The complete table of discrepancies at the 84 studied ballot stations is available at the link

Double check

The videos from the ballot stations were reviewed by three independent groups of volunteers. As a result, the majority of the precinct election commissions were double checked and discrepancies in the counts did not exceed 10-15 votes. Unfortunately, the video observers can only count the voters who came to the ballot stations. It’s impossible to keep track of the ballot rigging that could take place in the course of at-home voting, which is why in the course of analysis these data are regarded as «authentic.»

A perfect example of the way Kabardino-Balkaria’s election commissions obtained the record percentages is the precinct election commission № 155 at Nalchik. According to the final protocol, the stationary ballot boxes contained 2,040 ballots. In order to achieve this, the whole commission headed by its chairman Khasanbiy Sheriev worked throughout the day, stuffing no less than 1,545 ballots. The counting of voters recorded on video showed that in reality only 495 people voted at the ballot station. 

This video reel shows just two episodes of ballot stuffing although there were more than 20 of them. A bald man in a grey coat and black turtleneck, looking like a movie villain Fantômas, ruthlessly and relentlessly commits the carnage of Russian elections. 

The full version of Fantômas not just stuffing the ballot boxes but also threatening the election observer can be found at the YouTube channel of Azat Gabdulvaleev. 

The election commission of Karardino-Balkaria has been headed for the last eight years by Vyacheslav Geshev. We see that under his management the institute of elections has been completely obliterated in this small region, and the results of the presidential elections raise many doubts. 

But why doesn’t the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation have any questions when it sees virtually identical voting results at the majority of ballot stations? Why don’t the law enforcement agencies react to the overwhelming evidence of ballot rigging in Kabardino-Balkaria? Isn’t the video recording from the ballot station № 155 enough to understand that a criminal group is working under the guise of the election commission? 

P. S. On March 24, 2019, the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation destroyed the full archive of video recordings from the presidential elections. The ballot stuffers across the country can pop the champagne.

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