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NewsElection CommissionsRussian Federation20 December 2023, 12:50
Illustration: Ksenia Telmanova

The Central Election Commission explained how the Russian presidential election scheduled for March 17, 2024, will be held. We will tell you the key details.

Three days

Voting in the Russian presidential election will be held for three days: from March 15 to 17, 2024, announced the Central Election Commission.

CEC head Ella Pamfilova called the multi-day voting traditional:

"It was first used during the pandemic to ensure voter safety, but over time, this format has also caught the fancy of most voters because of its other advantages. This is confirmed by opinion polls: according to VCIOM - Russia Public Opinion Research Center, 74% of Russians recognized the convenience of voting within three days."

Voting over several days complicates public control, Golos has repeatedly emphasized.

Mobile polling stations

In settlements where there is no stationary polling station, mobile voting centers will work.

This form of voting is aimed at the same category of people who usually vote at home. Ella Pamfilova believes that such voting will not be mass:

"We are talking about small settlements where there are elderly people, where relatives visit only in the summer, where the roads are not very good, municipal transportation rarely runs.... We are not chasing the masses here; these people are not that many, but they are no less important to us than voters who live in more comfortable conditions."

In addition, a special regime will operate in the "special military operation zone", where martial law has been declared. As Golos has already noted, martial law is a special legal regime under which it is possible to restrict the basic rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of movement. Golos reiterates:

"In its time, the Russian Constitutional Court pointed out that all these rights and freedoms are a necessary condition for holding truly democratic elections because elections are first and foremost a public discussion of the most important issues in the life of the country. Citizens can formulate their opinions about these events and the programs of candidates only if they have the full range of rights and receive uncensored information."

Five parties

Five political parties represented in the State Duma will be able to register their candidate without collecting signatures:

  • United Russia
  • Communist Party of the Russian Federation - CPRF
  • Just Russia - For Truth
  • Liberal Democratic Party of Russia - LDPR
  • New People.

Candidates from other parties will have to collect signatures - at least 100 thousand, with no more than 2.5 thousand in one subject. A total of 25 parties can participate in the presidential election.

Non-arty candidates

To become a self-nominated candidate, a potential candidate must first gather and register an initiative group of at least 500 people with the CEC. Then collect signatures - not less than 300 thousand and not more than 315 thousand, with no more than 7.5 thousand in one subject.

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