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НовостьИзбиркомы5 days ago
"We were made enemies – we have the right": The CEC said they could hold closed sessions
The second time in six months, the CEC passed resolutions of restricted distribution, "ignoring both the law and its own regulations"
Новость7 days ago
«Golos» and other NGOs win an ECHR complaint against the «foreign agents» law
The applicants and Russian civil society had been waiting nine years for this decision
Новость18 days ago
Online voting on Single Election Day in 2022 will take place in seven regions
We asked Golos representatives and experts to assess how the introduction of online voting would affect the campaign in their regions
Новость18 days ago
Municipal elections in Moscow in the mirror of the "special operation": Tendencies, facts, findings
Over three months have passed since the start of the so-called “special military operation”. This is quite enough time briefly to assess the impact of these events on the pre-election landscape in Moscow
Новость2 months ago
‘Golos‘ website blocked in Russia, possibly because of anti-war statement
‘Golos‘ will challenge this decision
Новость4 months ago
‘Golos’ is against the war!
The Golos movement, as a human rights organization, considers the outbreak of war to be an unacceptable method of resolving foreign policy disputes
Мнениеa month ago
Even within itself, United Russia cannot provide any free, fair, and competitive voting
Nikolay Kuznetsov
Мнение7 months ago
I hope the book will interest the reader and stimulate the development of research on electoral statistics
Arkady Lyubarev
Мнение9 months ago
Here is the picture with data from 96,840 polling stations (107.9 million registered voters out of 109.2 million known to CEC)
Sergey Shpilkin
Arkady Lyubarev
Новостьa year ago
«New disenfranchised»: why do Russian citizens massively become ineligible to be elected in the elections in 2021
This report is devoted to assessing the extent to which the existing grounds for depriving citizens of the passive electoral right is applied
ДокладАгитация5 years ago
Election campaigning for the single voting day, September 10, 2017
Analytical report
ДокладДопуск кандидатов5 years ago
Nomination and registration of candidates and political parties in elections to the representative bodies of the government
Analytical report. Single Voting Day of September 10, 2017