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Collage: Ksenia Telmanova

The "Golos" movement has launched "Map of Violations", a service where anyone can submit information about election irregularities. During the campaign, violations can be related to the collection of signatures, illegal campaigning, denial of registration to candidates, pressure on candidates, or creation of preferences for certain candidates by administrations.

For example, collecting signatures is a very complicated and expensive process. Every day counts, and any delay can disqualify a candidate from running for office. Therefore, it is important to report promptly if a candidate is hindered or prevented from collecting signatures. A "map of violations" is followed by the media and election commissions.

We will pass on your information to the media and election committees, and, if necessary, to the police, so that the offenders will be punished. And the publicity itself helps to prevent future violations. There can be many examples – report such cases. Just do not forget to attach photo and video evidence and copies of documents to substantiate your claims.

We do not guarantee that the situation will be improved after the publication of the message on the "Map of violations", but there is a chance. Remember – falsifiers are afraid of publicity!

In total, from 2011 to 2021, more than 42,000 reports of potential violations of the law were received on the “Map of Violations”.

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