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Opinion03 June 2022, 09:19
Nikolay Kuznetsov
Deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Stupino Urban District of Moscow Region

"United Russia" has announced the results of the so-called "primaries", which are fully in line with the results I have published in advance. A coincidence? I don't think so.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?

  1. Even within itself, United Russia cannot provide any free, fair, and competitive voting. In fact, it is just another farce in which a few decent people, actively campaigning for themselves, have been naively involved.
  2. In each district, the gap between the “top five” winners and the sixth and following candidates is at least 600 votes. This presumably means that no one, except the first five candidates, could get at least 300 votes in their support in the 17,000-seat districts. Or were the 600 votes thrown in for the "right" to win? It turns out that they are "single-throwers" not only because of fraud in the main elections, but even in internal party elections?
  3. In these "primaries", 7.31% of the total number of voters in Stupino city district allegedly took part in seven days of voting. It turns out that for a whole week, overstretching all their powers, the administrative apparatus together with the duped candidates were able to scrape together only 7% of voters in support of “United Russia”? What about the other nearly 93% of voters? Are they against it? But in the main elections we will again be told about the "total and unconditional victory" of “United Russia”?

So that on September 11, 2022, at the elections of the new Stupino City District Council of Deputies, United Russia does not engage in any sort of fraud, and that the voting and vote counting be fair and transparent; so that all Stupino citizens finally receive 25 real deputies elected by the people and working for the people—we will need a great number of active and principled observers. If you are ready to become one, let us know about it here!

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