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Новость30 November 2019, 17:43

Judge Elena Tereshchenko found Roman Udot guilty of murder threat; he was assigned compulsory community service for 320 hours.

The Khimki district court of Moscow Oblast passed a verdict to member of the council of the movement “Golos”. Journalists of the news agency "Zakon" attended the meeting trial.

The application was filed by NTV Russian TV channel pseudo-journalists Alexandra Miroshnichenko and Edward Zhuravlev, who attacked the human rights defender at Sheremetyevo Airport. They have long pursued Roman and his family. Since the end of May 2019 Roman was under night house arrest, he was forbidden to use the phone and Internet, to attend mass events and to communicate with the defendants of the case.

Several quotes from the verdict of the court

"The court found that on March 20, 2018 during the conflict at Sheremetyevo Airport Udot ripped the bag off the shoulder of Miroshnichenko and promised to "gnaw out Zhuravlev's throat".
"The victims Miroshnichenko and Zhuravlev took the threats realistically and feared for their lives. Udot did not admit his guilt, was in a state of strong emotional excitement due to the released film "Chuzhoy Golos" and feared for the health of his parents, explained the accused. "
"The court takes into account Miroshnichenko's words that she was very scared. The victims had real reasons for fear."
"Udot did not cause any harm to the Miroshnichenko's health, as there are no medical documents confirming the opposite in the case. Udot assesses the criminal case as a political pressing. Udot tried to go away of them, but Miroshnichenko and Zhuravlev continued to pursue him."
'The testimony of witnesses Gerasev and Nila Udot is being treated critically by the court as they were not present. The defence's arguments that Udot's behavour was triggered are being treated critically by the court. "
"All the circumstances allow the court to conclude that Udot had intent. The fact of not admitting guilt is considered by the court as an attempt to evade responsibility."

Lawyer Maxim Pashkov explained to journalists of news agency "Zakon" that the court could have reduce the number of hours of compulsory community service, because 8 hours of compulsory works are counted for 2 days of house arrest - to find out, the defense needs to study the text of the sentence in detail.

If an appeal is filed, the sentence will not enter into force, which means Roman Udot will stay under night house arrest.

Roman Udot pleaded not guilty and insists the case was fabricated:
"The case is bloated out of nothing - if you heard, initially Miroshnichenko made no statements. When we studied the first testimony, there was nothing about the threat. Amazing fabrication and interesting investigation turned out: two documents simply were included in case files antedate."